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“Keep your ears open, your eyes open, grab everything you can, react, and learn!” -James Truslow Adams




Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree | The Daily Post

This week’s photo challenge: carefree.
Those moments free of hassle don’t come around all often. When they do I treasure them and I feel a bitter sweet sting knowing that, like everything in life, they too will pass.

The place where this photo was taken is a lake where my husband’s family goes to be together and be carefree. This year his aunt is not with us and unfortunately, nothing is the same. Still we are appreciating these carefree times with the kids playing in the lake, on paddle boards or canoes. What is your carefree time or place? -smilingbug

Golden Years


I saw some dear lady friends on the beach yesterday. One had her hair styled, short and a sharp blonde color. The other was gray and had bright orange lipstick. One of them had brought a small plastic side table to the beach that they placed between their beach chairs. It held a classic paisley purse and a drink with a straw. One of their beach chairs had the special convertible top that flipped over her head for shade when needed. I could tell from their relaxed posture and mannerism that this was a routine they had been doing for quite some time. I instantly wished that I would have girlfriend days on the beach one day. Maybe my hair would be all gray or maybe I would wear bright orange lipstick. They looked so happy and fabulous. That night I celebrated my parent in-laws’ 60th wedding anniversary and many of the friends who were at their wedding attended. I listened to stories about childhood crushes and summer cocktail parties. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking of a lifetime of 60 years, how that must feel and all of the relationships and happenings that filled those years. My husband and I joked that we won’t have a 60th wedding anniversary because of the ages we were when we were married. Sometimes getting old seems like a dreaded slow demise and other times I gaze on it as a golden era. Probably both views are unrealistic but like a little kid in awe of being a big kid I observe elderly years with curiosity and caution. I hope they will be happy and healthy years and I wonder how long this life will last for each of us. “It’s not the length of life, but depth of life” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
What are your thoughts on the “golden years?”

Love and Tears of Joy


When I saw the Daily Post’s topic about being moved to tears my first thought was about my children (which I wrote about) and my second thought was the time I sat crying from joy while looking at people in love, vowing their love to one another. It was a two days after the Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court and I came across this link to photos of couples getting married in San Francisco.


I was not a kid who wanted to grow up and get married or be a wife. I did not clip out photos of wedding dresses or dream of being a bride. Yet if I watch “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC I will shed a tear at the end of every single episode, no matter how annoying the bride’s sister was nor how endless the premise of the dress search dragged on. Even after all of the typical reality TV ups and downs in the episode, TLC shows that bride coming down the aisle and her father grinning, her mother crying, her partner glowing, it’s all over for me: water works. If you click on the link and see the faces filled with love and devoting their lives to each other are you moved to tears? -smilingbug

(photo above is from the BuzzFeed article referred to in this post, link provided above)

Moved To Tears


The last time I was moved to tears was a few nights ago when my son said “I love you,” to my husband.  These unsolicited “I love you’s” are maybe one of the best sounds on earth.  I got one about a week ago while in the living room with my son and I gave him a bear hug, feeling like my heart would burst from joy.  The “I love you’s” come out of nowhere and when you least expect it.  When my son did it to my husband, they were watching late night TV together.  My husband was using the opportunity to relax after a long day of work and dinner time chores.  My son was thrilled to be hanging out with his Dad.  I was sitting at the kitchen bar, tending to something on my laptop.  The only noise in our home was the sound of Tree Fu Tom (a Sprouts show for kids) and then from down the hall I heard my son’s little, happy voice say “I love you Dad,” followed by a pause.  Then I heard my husband’s moved voice say “Aw thank you son, I love you, too.”  I know my husband had a lump in his throat as he responded and I instantly got a lump in my throat, too.  My eyes welled up with tears and I felt the full force of the beautiful love shared by parents and children.  Having older children I am fully aware of how this love goes through different phases, evolving differently with each child.  When was the last time you were moved to tears? -smilingbug

Yawn, Borrrring


I might officially be acting my age.  I didn’t think it would happen since I’ve always felt ten or twenty years behind.  But today’s daily prompt is “what bores you?” and when I let my mind wander to boring things I did not feel annoyed one bit, I felt relaxed.  When I thought of what is boring to me I actually got a small grin at the thought of slow, quiet, dull, boredom.  Maybe I’m heading towards the age when you want to have a rest in the afternoons.  Nap time!  I know I said I am officially acting my age but I am not a napper.  (Fast forward ten years and you’ll find me napping, right?)

Perceptions of age have changed since a couple of generations ago and I was wondering to myself recently what middle age is now.  Sometimes I think I am middle age and other times I think that is a bit of a strong label (denial).  Well, thank you Dictionary.com:

World English Dictionary
middle age
— n
the period of life between youth and old age, usually (in man) considered to occur approximately between the ages of 40 and 60

I guess just like pink is the new black and 40 is the new 30, boring is the new nap time. Bring on the boring, it’s fine with me.  What do I find boring?  I find boring to be very relaxing.  Yawn! -smilingbug

(photo is a screen capture of an image google search for “middle age”)