Love Rocks

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This daily prompt challenge is to write a piece for the New York Post that will be the first many will know of me. When my son is prompted to write something about himself he sarcastically writes “I like cheese” and it annoys teachers and family alike. But as I sit here to write something from my heart one of the first things that comes to mind is “I love rocks.” Maybe that is because I have been on our family vacation collecting rocks for days but when I’m not on vacation I also pick up rocks from beside the river, on a nature trail or just outside my front door. My husband gave me a pendant years ago that says “love rocks” referring to our love or a shared love but it also applies to me in the way that I do love rocks. The thought of these natural objects having been here for hundreds,
thousands or millions of years before us fascinates me to no end. All of the passing thoughts, plans or concerns that the average person keeps in their head seem to shrink when I reflect on the many years and circumstances it has taken any one of these rocks to become the size, shape or texture that it is today. As we live our lives and think that the things in them are so critical, countless facets of nature are just being and many of them will continue doing so long after we are gone, much like some of them were doing long before we arrived. How many families has the hearty tree behind the time-shared lake cabin seen? That sturdy, majestic tree sits behind the cabin’s kitchen door, right where every family loads their food in and out of the cabin and like the smooth sea rocks on the shore, it will be there weathering winters and summers after many families are no longer vacationing at the lake cabin, or are even alive. Feeling the bark on that tree makes me nostalgic and I think of the people who were here before me and also ponder on those who have yet to start their journey here. Like the tree at the cabin, the rounded rocks I pick up in different places remind me of the passing of time and our place in it as people. I rub the smooth surfaces of the rocks and in my heart I feel like a little girl who wonders what it is all about. And I love rocks. -smilingbug

9 thoughts on “Love Rocks

  1. I love rocks too, very humbling to think that so many lives have been lived and perhaps most of them never even noticing those little stones and bits of sea-glass. I like shells too since they also symbolise a life once lived. Lovely post 🙂

    • What a nice comment. Thank you. I hadn’t thought about shells that way. I agree, there is so much to observe and appreciate in nature. Thanks for sharing and for reading my post, too!

      • I think, for me, a lot of things have happened over my lifetime that really make me appreciate nature and all its beauty. With age comes wisdom – or so they say. It’s nice to find that I’m not alone in pondering such things as a rock’s life 🙂

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    • Thank you for the kind comment and for reading my blog. It’s nice to know that others relate to these feelings of connectedness with nature. Nature takes my breath away and inspires me constantly. I enjoyed hearing about your tree and boulder, too. Thanks again!

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