Golden Years


I saw some dear lady friends on the beach yesterday. One had her hair styled, short and a sharp blonde color. The other was gray and had bright orange lipstick. One of them had brought a small plastic side table to the beach that they placed between their beach chairs. It held a classic paisley purse and a drink with a straw. One of their beach chairs had the special convertible top that flipped over her head for shade when needed. I could tell from their relaxed posture and mannerism that this was a routine they had been doing for quite some time. I instantly wished that I would have girlfriend days on the beach one day. Maybe my hair would be all gray or maybe I would wear bright orange lipstick. They looked so happy and fabulous. That night I celebrated my parent in-laws’ 60th wedding anniversary and many of the friends who were at their wedding attended. I listened to stories about childhood crushes and summer cocktail parties. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking of a lifetime of 60 years, how that must feel and all of the relationships and happenings that filled those years. My husband and I joked that we won’t have a 60th wedding anniversary because of the ages we were when we were married. Sometimes getting old seems like a dreaded slow demise and other times I gaze on it as a golden era. Probably both views are unrealistic but like a little kid in awe of being a big kid I observe elderly years with curiosity and caution. I hope they will be happy and healthy years and I wonder how long this life will last for each of us. “It’s not the length of life, but depth of life” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
What are your thoughts on the “golden years?”

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