Yawn, Borrrring


I might officially be acting my age.  I didn’t think it would happen since I’ve always felt ten or twenty years behind.  But today’s daily prompt is “what bores you?” and when I let my mind wander to boring things I did not feel annoyed one bit, I felt relaxed.  When I thought of what is boring to me I actually got a small grin at the thought of slow, quiet, dull, boredom.  Maybe I’m heading towards the age when you want to have a rest in the afternoons.  Nap time!  I know I said I am officially acting my age but I am not a napper.  (Fast forward ten years and you’ll find me napping, right?)

Perceptions of age have changed since a couple of generations ago and I was wondering to myself recently what middle age is now.  Sometimes I think I am middle age and other times I think that is a bit of a strong label (denial).  Well, thank you Dictionary.com:

World English Dictionary
middle age
— n
the period of life between youth and old age, usually (in man) considered to occur approximately between the ages of 40 and 60

I guess just like pink is the new black and 40 is the new 30, boring is the new nap time. Bring on the boring, it’s fine with me.  What do I find boring?  I find boring to be very relaxing.  Yawn! -smilingbug

(photo is a screen capture of an image google search for “middle age”)

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