Blog Origin Story

Thanks to a blogger I follow named Suzie I learned about the Daily Prompt and today I’m going to write about it, my blogger origin story.

My first blog in June of 2011 was on blogspot (currently called where I posted random thoughts and photos, a book review, self reflective posts. In November 2012 I found wordpress when a friend sent me a link to her inspirational son’s blog here. Perhaps because his blog was so inspirational (documenting how he grows up with autism) or perhaps because of the inspirational community on wordpress, I wanted to write more and right away. I had very little time to write, as continues to be my situation. When I sit and scroll down my reader now and then, other writers make me think, inspire me and remind me of the many lives that are taking place all over this world every day. Of course the world is filled with complicated issues but the simplistic maybe naive side of me thinks that if we share our stories, we can understand and be kind to each other. I don’t know if my blog has evolved at all but this is my blog origin story. What is yours? -smilingbug

My first blog on wordpress:



4 thoughts on “Blog Origin Story

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