Remembering Them


There is so much going on each day: we’re laughing, complaining, being silly, working, sending text messages, paying bills, watching shows, running errands, making meals, posting meaningless thoughts on twitter, taking ridiculous photos, cleaning, dancing to our favorite tune. The amount of silly going on here is quite high although we are also working, cleaning, scolding, doing, rushing… like any other busy household. My daughter’s favorite cause is a local children’s cancer organization called Shining Stars. We have their bracelets and totes scattered around and at times I wear a bracelet for a few days and look down at the bold words “CANCER SUCKS” and pray for them, remember what some of them are dealing with while I run to the market or mop the floor. There is so much to do in this life, so many responsibilities, to-do lists and keeping up with day to day living. Then there is all of the fun, the movies, celebrations, family times, lazy days. Meanwhile I think of my friend who lost his battle with cancer and how he didn’t even read the magazines I took to him. No amount of to-do’s or favorite movies could capture his attention, not even food interested him. Do not miss the opportunity to appreciate your ordinary day, seize it and be grateful for it. -smilingbug



I heard a statistic on the radio that said 65% of people are unhappy. On the one hand it seems like a high percentage, on the other it seems understandable. I asked my daughter what she thought about people being unhappy and she said “everyone has a problem.” My sons answer was a word: perspective. Sadly, some people are dealing with unimaginable heartache, stress, pain. But others’ pain is self inflicted or imagined while their lives are generally very good. It’s true that life is filled with struggles and challenges but it is also filled with joys. The Helen Keller quote says it best, “Although life is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” One of my kids told me I had to watch a video about a teenager dying of cancer and how he wrote a song to tell his family what life meant to him. At the beginning, the teenager named Zach says “you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” It is said all of the time (carpe diem) but imagine really living each day and each week as if you did not have countless ones left to live. Perhaps it can not truly be captured unless one has looked at death in the face like survivors of near death experiences, cancer or other illnesses. Zach’s song is called Clouds and since I saw this video I look at the clouds in the sky and remember Zach and people like him. There is a time in the video when Zach is overcome with joy and says “it makes me want to keep going.” What an amazing young man. I hope everyone clicks on the link and watches Zach’s story. Life isn’t perfect but appreciate everything exactly as it is right now. Don’t wait to be happy. -smilingbug

My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech
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