Grown Ups


Just when you think you’re all grown up, life keeps bringing the growing and the lessons. My kids made me take the “what is your mental age” app test and I turned out to be just a few years younger than my actual age. My husband who is a stitch older than me but was not showing any signs of being a grown up when I met him turned out to be mentally older when he took the test. Go figure. Sometimes I feel ancient. Other times I feel fifteen. One day I’m keeping a lot of moving parts synchronized, paying bills, doing tax prep, whipping up loads of laundry. The next day I’m screaming Lady Gaga lyrics, in denial about making dinner for the family and my son is saying “Mom, you have to clean up around here, really.” Life brings so many experiences, so much joy and so many fall on your face and learn your lesson experiences. By the time you’ve been here a while you think you’ve seen it all: you haven’t. Being a human is a wild ride. If you think about the people killed by a storm in Oklahoma or the kids growing up mistreated, or the families of the children of Newtown, the whole analysis of our stumbles, maturing and lessons sounds meaningless. I don’t have the answers but I do want to live it to the fullest and do things right, take time to be kind, appreciate every day. What a big world filled with people living, learning, laughing, loving. What’s your mental age? -smilingbug


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