Polaroid Moments in Life


There is tavern near town that pins up polaroid photos of patrons. Some of the snapshots are a few years old, others are from 15 plus years ago. If you start looking at the many polaroids on the wall, you become hypnotized by the faces and can not stop moving along to see the next one. Some people in the photos are laughing, others smirking, children are proudly holding up a menu or posing with their birthday cake. So many stories, so many moments in life. We all know the many cliches about time: seize the moment, life is fragile, every day is a gift. Yet the days pass and the responsibilities of life fill them up completely. A week turns to a month, next thing another year blows by, another birthday, yet another holiday season, vacation and so forth. When I look back at my old photos I remember thinking “this shirt looks awful” or “I didn’t workout once this week,” plus all sorts of meaningless critiques. Then, many years later I see those photos and think “wow, I was young” or “I remember that blouse, I wish I had it now.” It’s like a cruel trick the way one can get caught up in nothingness yet is wanting to treasure the moment, then just like that, twenty years have gone by. Looking at those polaroids at the tavern, the children in these photos are grown now, the patrons are older, maybe some are gone or have fought battles with health issues. The journeys that have been undertaken and the years that have passed are poignant in these images. Looking at each one, the subjects are happy, dining out, celebrating with loved ones, their joy is shining through each snapshot. Yet the day each photo was taken, many of them were undoubtedly coping with something in life. If they reflect on the photo now, they would likely remember it as a wonderful moment. The delicate balance of being human and capturing the joy of life each day is always with us. One of my hopes for the time I have here: appreciating more and fretting less. Who is with me? -smilngbug


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