Kindness When it’s not easy

There is a friend of one of my kids’ who has been very difficult to handle in years past. After many attempts to have this child around I got frustrated and did not want to deal with him. He acted out, did not listen to repeated requests to behave, did not demonstrate the most basic manners, had no social skills with my other kids, at times he was flat out rude. I should have tried harder, could have turned the other cheek and found a way to tolerate him but I selfishly chose to not make him part of our plans when I tired of unsuccessfully dealing with him. I thought it was self preservation then and now I think it was a lack of compassion. Yesterday we gave him a ride when none of his family could be reached and no one was at pick up for him and I looked into his big eyes and felt sad. I had not seen him for almost a year, he has grown and he can be a sweet kid. During our ride he had trouble getting some words out and I realized he had started to struggle with a stutter, something he did not do last year. My heart sunk. How to reach and find the kindness and compassion when the recipient is challenging, difficult? I read something interesting at a site I found on tumblr about being compassionate when people are difficult and it said “Try to see them as people who also suffer and struggle in many ways.” Reminders to be kind are everywhere, it’s up to each of us to listen to them, to reach for kindness sometimes when it’s difficult to do. -smilingbug

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