The Helpers

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Probably like many Americans most of what is on my mind is those innocent people killed and injured at the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday. Lives changed forever because of a coward or cowards, maybe mentally ill, maybe filled with hate. I like to be compassionate and think of all people as dealing with something, so don’t go so hard on them. Thinking of the trauma and pain caused yesterday, it’s difficult to think of compassion when wondering who caused it. I saw some tweets that mentioned how other countries deal with these type of attacks regularly (Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan) and it is truly sickening. Then there was the image of Fred Rogers with a quote that read “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.” When Dr. George Velmahos and his colleague addressed the press today about the status of their patients, feelings of admiration and awe for these helpers filled my heart and made my eyes swell. He told stories of patients who woke up missing a limb and expressed feeling “lucky” to be alive. He explained that the whole of Boston was traumatized but the medical staff set their emotions aside and took care of the patients. Dr. Velmahos described the patients as “amazing people.” That is coming from the man who literally was saving some of their lives. Thankful for amazing medical professionals and modern medicine, always. Praying for the family who lost an eight year old son and the one who lost a 29 year old son. Thinking of the innocent people in the hospitals healing, fighting for their lives. Proud to be a part of this great country where people are donating blood, offering their homes to travelers in Boston and yesterday, were running towards the bomb scenes to save lives. -smilingbug

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