Conversations of the Heart

photo from Tumblr, no photo or art credit was listed.

During an interview that Paul McCartney recorded with Howard Stern in October of 2001, Paul mentioned consulting with the deceased love of his life.  He said one night he was asking Linda if he should be with the woman he was dating and he said when you do that “of course you are just talking to yourself.”  That sounded sad to me, how he wanted to share and talk with his deceased loved one but then just feeling he was talking to himself.  Then McCartney explained that after he asked Linda the question he heard an owl off in the distant say “who, who” and he took that to be a yes.  Of course we all know how it went with that girlfriend he was asking Linda about, Heather Mills.  During the interview, while Heather was Paul’s fiance, Howard joked that he would have heard that owl’s answer as a “no” and everyone on the set laughed.  Sounds funny but seriously, who doesn’t wish they could communicate with someone who has passed away, someone close to their heart, share stories and have heart to heart chats.  When I sit to write letters to my relatives who appreciate snail mail I still want to write one to a special aunt.  No more letters, emails or phone calls with someone, ever, hurts.  Then there are the feelings that the person we miss is all around us, in every reminder and in our hearts forever.  But the missing never goes away.  -smilingbug


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