Sex and Death

I heard an interview last week that Howard Stern did with James Taylor, recorded in the early 1990’s. I am not old enough to have been a James Taylor fan when he had his first number one hit “Fire and Rain” but I bought his greatest hits CD in the 90’s (when people were still buying up CDs) and I was addicted to it and a fan ever since. The feeling that I got from hearing him in the Stern interview was total peace. He spoke so serenely and seemed to be at total ease with life. The sound of him playing his guitar and singing was hypnotic. All I could do was say “wow” while I listened in awe. But the thing that stuck with me the most was what he said his songs were mostly about: sex and death. Sex being the magic potion in life and death being the undeniable finality to life, this made me admire him and be sad for him all at once. Sex and death. It so poignantly reminded me of how awesome and fragile life is, all of it. James Taylor is an amazing person. I wish he was still writing lots of songs. “How sweet it is” to hear his soothing voice. -smilngbug


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