Forever Young


I walked up to the entrance line at the X-games pushing a stroller and carrying a baby in a carrier on my chest.  My older kids were all doing different things and my husband was working.  The walk way was filled with mud, gravel and some old slushy snow.  There was an empty Jack Daniels bottle on the side of the walk way and the young people around me starting joking about it.  “Someone is having a good time!” and the like.  Then their conversation turned to the serious topic of the usefulness of the plastic Jack Daniels bottles.  One of the guys wore a red stretch fabric over his face.  No one made eye contact with me and when my toddler asked me questions and I answered him people around us resisted the urge to look at us.  We were the elephant in the room because these young people were there to underage drink and have a rowdy time, not to be around someone who reminded them of their parents or teachers.  Gross.  I’ve heard that being around young people keeps you young but on this day is was making me feel one hundred years old.  Still, no one could wipe the smile off of my face.  Even if I was out of place with my stroller and baby Bjorn, being at the X-games could not be less exciting.  The promotional displays, courageous athletes and that glorious half pipe…all set on the side of a beautiful ski lift mountain. I did eventually see a few people with small children; they were struggling with a tired or hungry kid, offering their kid a snack or carrying them on their shoulders.  I also saw my older kids’ friends and they were happy to see a familiar face in this sea of people so they gave me a big hello or smile.  I dropped a baby blanket in the mud on the walk way to the entrance, I did not stand in line for any free stuff or autographs.  But I did take in all of the sights and sounds, I watched the action and felt alive, and maybe I did feel a little young. -smilingbug

Over Stimulated?


My daughter played a 90 second relaxation recording for me. It was really clever, telling you to relax and not worry about the things you are missing out on by not looking at your cell. She also joined her hundredth social media site (exaggerating but almost!) called Starmatic. I have to make a list of my social media memberships with user names and passwords because there are so many. I was at lunch with some lady friends (a very rare treat for me) and they were commenting on the fun they have on Facebook. I heard kids joking a while back that “facebook is for olds” and now I’m thinking it’s true. There are so many social media avenues, if you are primarily on Facebook (and Instagram, too) you might be underdeveloped in the internet world, “LoL”. A few nights ago we had a cell-free dinner and I think we’ll keep it that way. All of us had to put our cell phones face down, off of our persons and with no sound on. As soon as we put them down someone’s started to vibrate and my hubs had to take them far away from the table so that they weren’t a distraction. If you think about it, it’s nuts how accustomed we are to being continuously stimulated by something on our cell, something on the internet, something on twitter or facebook or in our email in box. I saw this article on Inc. about being more productive and one of the tips is to periodically disable text and emails, another is to completely disconnect for 12 hours per day. That sounds so wonderful, 12 hours with the ringer off, not looking at notifications, not allowing the curiosity of a news feed to take over. How about trying that for 12 hours today? -smilingbug