Every Day a Gift


Every death that I’ve heard of in the last couple of weeks of this year has taken me back a bit because I think to myself “that person was probably planning for 2013, ready for new year’s eve, thinking of 2012 as practically behind us as we prepare for 2013.”  My daughter asked me this morning what age I think I will live to be and I told her no one knows how long we have here.  Tonight my neighbor knocked on our door and I thought it was my husband so I told my daughter to let him in.  Instead she told me to come over and I greeted my nice neighbor Brian with a big smile but what he said turned my face to shock and sadness.  He told me that one of our downstairs neighbors died today while at work.  She was 49 years old, I thought she was younger.  We called her “Pinky” because of her bright pink lipstick colors.  In the summer she was on her road bike daily.  In the winter her skis were outside of her door.  I know we make more noise than she liked but she still smiled at us.  Now every interaction I had with her is coming back to me and I’m sad.  When I stood in shock talking to Brian he said “life is fragile” and it’s a statement that cannot be over used for it is so intensely true.   All I can think of is Pinky not being here anymore, how she left her apartment this morning thinking she would be right back after work.  She rode the bus to work so her car is sitting in it’s spot.  Every day here is a gift. -smilingbug


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