For Dylan


This is Jack Frost from McDonalds.  He is the guardian of fun from the movie The Guardians.  I picked this toy up when I took my son for fries and an ice cream yesterday.  Yesterday Dylan Redwine had been missing for 9 days.  He was reported missing on November 19th while he was visiting his Dad for the Thanksgiving break.  He has a confident smirk in his school photo that is being shown on the news.  He is 13 years old.  There are so many (many) injustices in the world but children are innocent and not prepared for some of the circumstances of life that can be precarious.  Yet kids think they can handle any situation, I wish they could.  I hope this boy is ok and will be found and will be able to recover fully from whatever he has gone through these past ten days.  Pray for Dylan’s Mom and siblings to stay strong.  Pray for Dylan Redwine to be brave and resilient.  I can’t focus on writing about anything else with my mind on Dylan and children like him.  Pray for his safety and if you don’t pray, imagine him safely with his family. -smilingbug


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