Practice Tolerance


It’s our first holiday season with a Christmas tree for my older kids.  We have ornaments that they made in school that I’ve kept in boxes and taken out to decorate the house during the season- Star of Davids, a menorah.  I have a few ornaments I bought when I couldn’t resist their cuteness- a small white stocking, a red row boat, the South Park characters.  Then there are our make shift ornaments like pine cones from outside and draidels hanging by a ribbon.  Our lights are all blue because I’ve always put up blue lights to celebrate Channukah and be in the holiday spirit.  Multi-faith can be tricky.  I wrote about it some time ago and maybe that post was a bit emotional  sappy but it is a sensitive topic if you take your faith to heart.  As a different person, I experience first hand how tolerant others are in society.  I believe tolerance is a word that is overused, under practiced.  Everyone wants no war, a compassionate government, a utopian environment where we share and care…yet how many are living those ideals in their day to day lives?

In our human life, tolerance is very important, it helps you overcome difficulties. Without it, tiny things irritate you and you overreact.

Be kind to all. -smilingbug


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