Gifts, …the power of giving


Tis the season to buy gifts.  I usually leave the gift giving for my children to our families since grandparents and relatives are eager to give them wonderful things and they don’t really need more from me.  This season we won’t spend the holidays with family and since my older kids are growing up, I felt ready to give them something big on their wish list.  I saw an efunny that said something like “America, where we get in line in the middle of the night to buy things the day after we gave thanks for the things we have.”   I never cared for Black Friday but I also never bought my kids an expensive electronic and this season (with no holiday travel on the calendar) I gave in to an Xbox for my son and similar special gifts for my daughters.  My son told me we could save $150 by going to buy it at 5AM.  Then my daughter told me Black Friday was on her bucket list.  (go figure!) So we did it.  There was no crowd, no lines where we live.  As I looked around I recognized the experienced Black Friday-ers who had the eye of the tiger and asked sales associates for certain discounts.  As for us, we were newbees, looking around for what we could get on sale but in reality we bought what we had come for and we left.  It was still dark when we walked into the parking lot feeling like consumer warriors– being at Target at 5am. -smilingbug


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