Little Joys

I looked out of the window yesterday and saw the bus pulling up to the stop at the bottom of our hill.  I grabbed my keys and pulled my jacket on as I was dashing out of the door.  Other than a quick drive, I had been inside for days…caring for little kids, making beds, washing and folding laundry, cleaning dishes, all of the routine tasks that any person running a household does day to day.  All of a sudden I was running at full speed in the winter air and all of my surroundings seemed pronounced.  The cold air going into my lungs took me back to runs in physical ed class when I was required to run even if it hurt.  I looked down on the pavement and tried to step on dry areas so not to slip on black ice or snow.  My mind said “thank you for everything in this life, thank you for this cold air, the snowy pavement, the entire world around me” as I took a big breath in and smiled.  -smilingbug


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