Good Luck


Good luck charms bring so many images to mind and they are so comforting.  The soft black rocks picked up on family vacations that are scattered around our home.  My Grandfather’s saint pendant hanging on his chain that I wear anytime I want to feel safe.  The gratitude stones I collected with my kids at the dusty mountain trail across the street from our old house.  The red string from Israel my employer gave me that I wear on my wrist.  The purple Brazilian wish bracelet that I tied on with three knots and three wishes a couple of years back.  I’ve heard it said that no superstition is worth believing in unless you want fear to rule your life.  Meanwhile who doesn’t enjoy the imagined or real comforts of a four leaf clover, a horse shoe, eye, chai or ladybug.  I wish I still had my azabache that I wore on my necklace when I was nine years old.  Lucky charms, the protectors of our destiny?   -smilingbug


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