Treat Everyone with Respect


A person I once worked for has an autistic son. I am not too familiar with autism but I believe her son is considered severely autistic. Thanks to technology he is able to communicate on a letter board. It’s amazing to see because during the years that I was around him he did not communicate much. When prompted to answer a question he only made an audible noise some of the time. Those noises he uttered were words to his family and caretaker because they knew what he was trying to say. Now this amazing teenage boy who has dealt with years of challenges– challenges in daily life like just being a part of a school or participating in sports– is writing out his thoughts. Thoughts that we never would have known he even had without a letter board. A blog that he wrote actually inspired me to start my own wordpress and the specific post that moved me was one that said “The best thing about this world is the people in it. Remember to always treat each other with love and respect. We live for such a short time, let’s really have an impact while we are here.” Incredibly inspiring to think that these type of wise and profound thoughts are going on in a brain belonging to a person who until recently had limited communication. What an astounding world we live in. One filled with ecstatic joy, unimaginable sadness and everything in between. -smilingbug


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